FAQ / Help

vTank bugs out on Resurrect scroll Add Scrolls to your vTank loot profile
MagTools Armor Mastery Error Download the new MagTools here
Random crashes Download the latest dat files — If that doesn’t work, update your Visual C++ and Direct X
Direct X Error When at the Character Selection screen press and hold Alt + Enter. Use windowed mode until you login, then you can adjust the resolution afterwards.
Low FPS Option 1: Restart your client. Decal is notorious for memory leaks
Option 2: Update your GFX card drivers
Account is Invalid Go back to server settings where you added the server information and change it to ACE
Character stuck in game Option 1: Try recalling to house/lifestone
Option 2: Contact an admin on Dekarutide Discord
ThwargLauncher won’t launch client Option 1 (Step 1): C:\Turbine\Asheron’s Call Right Click acclient.exe Compatibility Select Run this Program as Administrator.
Option 1 (Step 2): Right click ThwargLauncher.exe Compatibility Select Run this Program as Administrator
Option 2: Delete your ThwargLauncher folder in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\ThwargLauncher
Client closes instantly on startup Disable Anti-virus software or add a bypass to acclient.exe and ThwargLauncher.exe
Dual-Log wont work Open Decal agent Options Client Patches select Dual Log
Decal wont show up in game Open Decal agent Add Browse C:\Program Files (x86)\Thwargle Games\ThwargLauncher Add ThwargFilter.dll
Multiple [X] in Decal UI Option 1: Press the Update button in Decal UI
Option 2: Update your acclient.exe with the one here
Missing .dll in Decal UI More than likely you moved a .dll file from the specified path in Decal. Add the .dll file again in Decal UI
Melee gets stuck while macroing Put /mt jump as a 1 minute periodic command in MagTools
Macro gets stuck casting Put /mt combatstate peace as a 4 minute periodic command in MagTools – this will force your character into peacemode, a temporary fix to this bug
vTank won’t craft Deadly Arrows/Quarrels Right click and download this file (gameinfodb.ugd) and replace this file in your vTank folder
“You can only run the game from the launcher program” Under your USER folder in windows, go into AppData and the each of the low, locallow, and roaming folders and delete any Thwargle folders. Re-launch Thwargle and it should work.

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