Combat Tactics/Techniques

There are multiple tactics and techniques that provide new strategies
Purchase these tactics and techniques at a weaponsmith.

Taunt (Tactic) – Lets you taunt enemies around you, encouraging them to attack you. This is based off Deception skill

Sneaking (Tactic) – Turns you transparent and lets you sneak past monsters, turning your dot on the radar into an orange monster color. This is based off Sneaking skill

Reckless (Technique) – Forego any chance to evade for a damage bonus based on your Melee Defense skill.

Defensive (Technique) – Shield armor level now applies to attacks from all directions but damage output is lowered.

Opportunist (Technique) – Increases the chance to critically hit but every swing taken has a chance to inflict self damage.

Riposte (Technique) – Adds a chance for an additional melee attack to be performed when you evade a melee attack, also increasing your chance of receiving critical hits.

Powershot (Technique) – Converts the Accuracy Bar into a Power Bar, the accuracy of all attacks is as if the accuracy bar was at minimum setting.

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