Direlands Wilderness Portals

The following portals exist with destinations in the wilderness of the Direlands.

Obsidian Rim (Southwest)74.0S, 52.4WDirelands Northwest Shore5.7N, 91.0WLevel 25+
Obsidian Rim (Southwest)74.2S, 52.4WDirelands Valleys42.9S, 63.5WLevel 25+
Dryreach (Outskirts)8.1S, 74.5EEast Direlands Swamp39.7S, 54.1WLevel 12+
Ice Golem Shrine61.4N, 10.2WNorth Direlands24.3N, 53.8WLevel 12+
Jungle Shadows69.4S, 94.5ENorth Direlands24.3N, 53.8WLevel 12+
Aerlinthe84.1N, 47.2ENorthwest Direlands5.4N, 87.5WLevel 35+
Obsidian Rim49.4S, 70.8WNorthwest Direlands5.4N, 87.5WLevel 35+
Vendor’s House79.9N, 15.2WNorthwest Direlands5.4N, 87.5WLevel 35+
Northwest Direlands5.5N, 87.5WObsidian Rim48.0S, 65.0WLevel 35+
Jungle Shadows69.4S, 94.5ESouth Direlands84.2S, 34.4WLevel 12+
Mayoi (Outskirts)62.2S, 77.1ESouth Direlands84.2S, 34.4WLevel 12+

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