Marae Lassel Loop

These portals connect the cities of Osteth with Marae Lassel.

Ahurenga47.4N, 88.9WBluespire39.4N, 75.4W
Bluespire40.2N, 76.1WAhurenga46.1N, 89.8W
Bluespire38.3N, 75.5WHoltburg42.7N, 33.6E
Greenspire43.3N, 68.2WRedspire40.7N, 83.1W
Greenspire42.5N, 67.5WYaraq21.5S, 1.7W
Redspire40.6N, 82.4WGreenspire42.9N, 68.1W
Redspire40.5N, 83.7WNanto42.9N, 68.1W
Al-Arqas28.3S, 13.6EBluespire39.4N, 75.4W
Lytelthorpe1.2N, 54.0EBluespire39.4N, 75.4W
Nanto52.7S, 79.8EBluespire39.4N, 75.4W
Yaraq21.7S, 1.3WBluespire39.4N, 75.4W
Rithwic11.1N, 59.6EGreenspire42.9N, 68.1W
Shoushi33.6S, 72.4EGreenspire42.9N, 68.1W
Yaraq21.3S, 1.5EGreenspire42.9N, 68.1W
Holtburg42.6N, 33.4ERedspire40.6N, 83.0W
Samsur3.4S, 22.4ERedspire40.6N, 83.0W
Yanshi15.9S, 46.7ERedspire40.6N, 83.0W
Stonehold68.6N, 20.7WAhurenga47.1N, 90.3W

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