Buffing with Gems

On Dekarutide the gems you find with spells on them are of infinite use, which means that they’ll likely be your primary source of buffs since creature magic is no more.

If you use vTank you can add these gems on your consumables tab and vTank will buff your character with them.

This means that you’ll most likely want to set your buff gems in a separate bag

To easily and automatically replenish the mana in your gems, you’ll need to add this code to your magtools periodic commands:

/ub mexec wobjectisvalid[setvar[manastone,listpop[listfilter[wobjectfindallinventorybynamerx[`.*Mana Stone$`],`wobjectgetintprop[$1,218103824]==1`]]]]&&actiontryapplyitem[$manastone,wobjectfindininventorybyname[`Basket`]]|clearvar[manastone]

(this will used FILLED Mana Stones to replenish the Gems in your Basket)

You will need UtilityBelt for this command to work

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