Mutated Weapons

Mutated weapons are weapons that are loot-generated but hold special properties

Weapons are able to have multiple properties on them, there is no limit to how many.

These weapons are able to be imbued once more and can also be tinkered.

Slayer Increases damage done to a specific mob type (Tumerok Slayer, Lugian Slayer, Human Slayer, etc)

Armor Cleaving Ignores a certain percentage of your opponent’s armor

Biting Strike Increases critical chance

Crushing Blow Increases the damage of a critical hit

Hollow Ignores protection spells and banes

Resistance Cleaving Ignores the resistance of a certain type of protection

Shield Cleaving Ignores a percentage of your opponent’s shield levels

To search for slayer weapons in VGI (Virindi Global Inventory) – check out this article

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