T.A.R. XP System

T is type of creature
A is area (dungeon or if outside it’s 4×4 grid)
R is rested xp, to make it feel like you’re not losing out on xp if you’re not hunting non-stop

  • Prevents Metas/Macros from camping a dungeon or location too long
  • Each letter represents a third of the xp you make killing something
  • As you kill monsters your T.A.R. will go down and recover over time
  • If you manage to get all 3 to 0% you would make 0xp per kill

Creatures outside dungeons have +25% xp bonus to account for lesser density of spawns
* Type /tar to see your basic current TAR percentages
* Type /tar mobtype (i.e. /tar drudge) to see your TAR for a certain monster species.

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