Spell Transfer System

Allows the extraction and transference of spells between items.

This means you can transfer spells from one item to another

* Level 5-7 Transfer Scrolls are sold at Master Mages
* Minors require level III scrolls, Majors require level VI scrolls
* The item will be destroyed regardless of success/failure

Spell Extraction

  • 25% Chance of Extraction when applying the Extraction scroll to a loot-generated item.
  • +10% Chance of Extraction for every same level spell that’s on that item.

Spell Transfer

  • 100% Chance of Transfer to a new item when it is upgrading a current spell on the item (or blank)
  • -10% chance of transfer for every spell already on the item.

The spell extracted from a lootgen item is random from the selection of buffs on the item based on level of extraction scroll and total amount of spells of the same level.

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