Decal Instructions

Steps to make Decal plugins work on Dekarutide

Download Decal from
Download VS 2005 Runtime from Link 1 or Link 2
Download Direct X

Download from

After logging in you should see:
[UB] Classic server detected, automatically patching vtank to support old skills.

If you see [UB] Error applying classic patch:
Decal is pointing to classic dats but should be pointing to EOR (end of retail) dats.
Re-run the decal installer and upon the final installation prompt make sure it’s pointing to EOR dats.

Magtools (IMPORTANT):
Update to alleviate issues with new spells, loot items, etc. [Credit: Flagg]

Virindi Tank:
Download from
Under Advanced Options->Melee Combat, disable UseRecklessness and SummonPets

Go Arrow:
Just set your GoArrow update URL to this link and it should download the locations:

Here is a download with dungeon maps for GoArrow.
Put the Dungeon Map Cache folder in your GoArrow directory and you should be able to view the maps in game: (edited)

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