Secondary Town Loop

Also known as the capital loop, connecting the three capital cities with Qalaba’r.

Cragstone25.4N, 47.8EHebian-To38.6S, 82.1E
Cragstone26.4N, 48.8EZaikhal14.3N, 1.3E
Hebian-To39.4S, 81.3ECragstone24.5N, 47.0E
Hebian-To40.7S, 81.9EQalaba’r73.9S, 18.9E
Qalaba’r73.2S, 18.1EHebian-To40.3S, 82.9E
Qalaba’r77.2S, 19.8EZaikhal13.1N, 0.9E
Zaikhal14.8N, 0.7ECragstone26.1N, 48.1E
Zaikhal14.7N, 0.7WQalaba’r75.0N, 19.6E

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