Menhir Rings

41.9N, 33.3E – Holtburg
8.2N, 5.4E – Al-Jalima
14.0N, 59.1E – Rithwic
16.0N, 1.8E – Zaikhal
11.2S, 43.6E – Yanshi
19.3N, 17.7E – Mt Alphus
61.7N, 34.1E – Colier
69.7S, 40.1E – S Osteth Mountains
65.4S, 52.3E – S Osteth Mountains
45.3S, 61.1W – Direlands
46.2S, 71.8W – Direlands (Hard)
88.0S, 48.7E – Lyceum


List Credit: Flagg

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