Ley Line Amulets

There are two types of amulets, Life and War.

Ley Line amulets can give you beneficial effects that help to vastly improve your caster

Meditating to charge a Ley Line amulet

You can purchase Ley Line amulets at an archmage.

These amulets are equipped into your Cloak slot

There’s a total of 12 Menhir Rings where you can tune and charge your Ley Line Amulets.

When you *meditate* at a Menhir Ring, you tune that specific Ley Line Amulet to that specific location.

Fully charged amulets last 7 days before needing a recharge.

These Ley Line Amulets can have special effects such as Vuln spells, Creature buffs and debuffs, Increased War Damage, Double War procs, and a multitude of other combinations.

You can pickup 3 Ley Line Reset gems every 20 hours at (45.0s, 38.9e)

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