Arwic Town Loop

This loop connected the various non-starter and non-capital towns.

Al-Jalima7.5N, 5.1EKhayyaban47.6S, 26.7E
Al-Jalima7.1N, 4.5ETou-Tou30.4S, 94.7E
Arwic33.6N, 57.1EAl-Jalima6.4N, 6.3E
Arwic33.8N, 56.4ETou-Tou30.4S, 94.7E
Lin54.9S, 73.1EKhayyaban47.6S, 26.7E
Lin54.0S, 73.9ETou-Tou30.4S, 94.7E
Khayyaban48.1S, 24.6EAl-Jalima6.4N, 6.3E
Khayyaban47.7S, 25.0ELin53.9S, 74.1E
Tou-Tou27.8S, 95.8EArwic33.3N, 56.5E
Tou-Tou28.0S, 95.4ELin53.9S, 74.1E

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