Primary Town Loop

Also known as the newbie loop, this retired loop connected the nine original nexus arrival towns.

Al-Arqas32.6S, 14.4ESamsur2.7S, 18.9E
Al-Arqas (Outskirts)36.8S, 12.2EYanshi12.6S, 47.5E
Holtburg40.8N, 34.0ERithwic9.9N, 59.1E
Holtburg (Outskirts)36.7N, 29.1EGlenden Wood28.5N, 26.1E
Lytelthorpe1.7N, 49.9EHoltburg41.3N, 33.3E
Lytelthorpe2.3N, 52.0ERithwic9.9N, 59.1E
Nanto52.7S, 80.3EYanshi13.1S, 46.9E
Rithwic10.1N, 57.3EHoltburg42.9N, 34.5E
Rithwic9.5N, 60.0ELytelthorpe1.9N, 51.9E
Rithwic11.0N, 59.3EShoushi34.7S, 72.7E
Samsur1.5S, 18.4EHoltburg41.6N, 33.7E
Samsur3.8S, 18.6EYaraq21.9S, 2.2W
Shoushi32.3S, 71.7ENanto51.5S, 81.3E
Shoushi34.9S, 74.4EYanshi12.6S, 47.3E
Shoushi (Outskirts)34.4S, 64.7EEastham17.8N, 64.3E
Yanshi14.7S, 46.6EShoushi32.4S, 72.9E
Yanshi12.1S, 46.3EYaraq21.1S, 1.1W
Yaraq22.8S, 0.7WAl-Arqas31.5S, 12.5E
Yaraq23.0S, 0.2WSamsur2.7S, 19.0E

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