New Salvage Types

These salvages never had a use before Dekarutide, but can now be used to change the current element of your item to a different element.

You cannot change the element of an item to something it’s not capable of having. (i.e. altering a Cestus to do Pierce damage)

Damage bonuses found on wands, bows, etc. will adhere to the new element – however, it will not change any properties such as Resistance Cleaves or Rends already on it.

The overall chance of success depends on the workmanship of the salvage and the craft of the item.

Material ID == 69
Changes item element to Bludge

Yellow Garnet
Material ID == 48
Changes item element to Slash

White Jade
Material ID == 45
Changes item element to Pierce

Material ID == 71
Changes item element to Acid

Tiger Eye
Material ID == 42
Changes item element to Fire

White Quartz
Material ID == 46
Changes item element to Frost

Material ID == 12
Changes item element to Lightning

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