Test Server Launch

Test server was brought up to test the latest changes to Dekarutide. These changes will go into effect next patch.

Add the Dekarutide TEST server to your server list.
– Open Thwargle launcher, click on Advanced view, click on Edit Servers, click on Add Server.
-Select ACE Server in the top left corner,
-Add server name Dekaru’s Shadow
-Server IP:
-Server Port: 9000

Player commands for testing
/grantxp gives your player a given amount of xp (example: /grantxp 4300000000)
/remove-vitae removes vitae penalty from your character if any vitae penalty is present
/cisalvage spawn a bag of salvage in your inventory
— (example: /cisalvage steel 100 7) will spawn a full bag of craft 7 steel
— (example: /cisalvagesteel 100 5) will spawn a full bag of craft 5 etc.
/telepoi will teleport your character to a given point of interest, most poi’s are towns
— (example: /telepoi holtburg, /telepoi arwic, /telepoi tou-tou) etc.

There is also the admin dungeon portal in Holtburg for ease of getting T6 items from the monsters or chests in there.

Please abuse the tinkering system, as well as test damages.

Morosity has changed some of the formulas for some of the imbues.

Further formula tweaks, and damage configs to come

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Dekarutide is not associated or affiliated in any way with Turbine, Inc. or WB Games Inc.