July 31st ***NEW DATS REQUIRED***

Source 1: https://dekarutide.com/dl/dat-files/7-31-2023_DAT.zip
Source 2: https://mega.nz/folder/EzojXSTJ#VW6ry7EEC_9Tp25eoYGDww

  • Shields no longer have evasion cap penalties.
  • War Magic skill trained and specialized credit cost lowered by 4
  • Rats now have a chance to cause bleed damage on attacks 🐀
  • Relive xp is no longer shared with fellowship and allegiance.
  • Ley Line extra spells should now always use the respective amulet school
  • Leadership and Loyalty will now provide xp bonuses while in fellowships.
  • Bug fix for items with a MaxLevel sometimes not being unequipped.
  • Atlan weapons are now resistance cleaving.
  • Sneaking changes:
    -> Interacting with doors will no longer remove players from sneaking mode.
    -> There is now a message on successfully avoiding a trap due to having the sneaking skill to let the player know that he has done so.
    -> New Misdirection Tactic that allows sneaking players to make creatures face away so they can backstab them more easily.
    -> Failing to misdirect will break sneak and attract the attention of the creatures.

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